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Chakky Kato
1987, Fukuoka, Japan




Master of Fine Arts, Sculpture, 2015

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture, 2013

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium


Japan College of Foreign Languages, 2007

(formerly Bunsai Art and Design College), Tokyo, Japan


Selected Exhibitions

2021    Kizugawa Art 2021, Kyoto, Japan

             Listening days, Radio station KSPC, Los Angeles, United States

             Live streaming, cafe and bar gigi, Fukuoka, Japan

2020    Changing the Lenscape, Lenslist, Online Gallery, Los Angeles, United States

             Lenslist Weekly Selection #17, Online video performance. Los Angeles, United States

             video performance, Omuta Fuji, Fukuoka, Japan

2019    Live performance, cafe and bar gigi, Fukuoka, Japan

             NOH-Noize, Kizugawa, Kyoto, Japan

             Music & Audio performance, Omuta Fuji, Fukuoka, Japan

             Live performance, Factory Unvelashu, Fukuoka, Japan

             Live performance, collaboration with Katsura Yamauchi, Uranos, Fukuoka, Japan

             NAMIDA, Sui Moon, Audio-publication, Crying space, Antwerp, Belgium 

             Live performance,Uranos, Fukuoka, Japan


2018    Kizugawa Art 2018, Kyoto, Japan

             Site specific, Salton Sea, CA, United States

             Sui Moon (live performance), Het Bos, Antwerp, Belgium


2017    Rokko meets Art 2017, Rokkozan, Kobe, Japan

             Multiplied, de Apotheek, Antwerp, Belgium

             Gravity has no friends, Forbidden City, Antwerp, Belgium


2016    Recup: Stadsnomaden, Theater Zuidpool, Antwerp, Belgium

             Traces to Nowhere (audio publication), Demian, Antwerp, Belgium

             Air Tailor Made, Walking Traces, Air Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium

2015    SYN - CHRONOS - SPACE, Tokyo Design Week, Tokyo, Japan

             Drafts, Salon Van Hongo, Antwerp, Belgium

             Guerilla Interventions, T.A.Z. Theater Aan Zee, Oostend, Belgium

             World Listening Day, H2O Festival, Medellin, Columbia

             Choose a Title, Royal Academy Library, Antwerp, Belgium


2014    5th Floor, MuHKA, Antwerp, Belgium

             Passage of Masking Sound, La maison d'Art et Design, Tronçais, France


Awards, Prizes, Fellowships, and Grants:

2020    Japan Arts Council , Support fund 2020, Japan

             Shortlist Nominee, Kizugawa Art 2020 Award, Japan

2018    Shortlist Nominee, Kizugawa Art 2018 Award, Japan

2017    Shortlist Nominee, Rokko meets Art 2017 Award, Japan

2016    Shortlist Nominee, Lumine meets Art 2016 Award, Japan

2015    First-prize, Art Category, Young Creators, Asia Awards, Tokyo Design Week, Japan

             Shortlist Nominee, World Listening Day, H2O Festival, Columbia

Music, Film, 3DCG, XR 

2013 – 2022   Collaborator with short film production group “Yodaka”

2015 – 2022   Musician, “Sui Moon” (music group)

2019 – 2022   Freelance, 3DCG Artist @ i-mage 

2020 – 2022   AR (Augmented Reality)  Official Lens Creator , Lens studio

2022                Spark AR  Official instructor, META


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