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Swimming in the Sky

T.A.Z., Oostende (BE)



Edited Image 2015-8-3-20:33:51
Edited Image 2015-8-3-20:33:6
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We are able to share our emotions and individual ideas with the world through
new communication devices and techniques, more and more, faster and faster.
This phenomenon will only increase in the future, and we don’t know where it
will take us, is there a limit?
Through time we keep on searching for new conditions and situations and
places to express ourselves: the streets, empty buildings, white spaces,
digital cyber space,... Ones explored they become overused and new
territories are being searched for. The sky is still a free space if we think of a
space in which we can express ourselves. In a time where drones are becoming
more frequent, we can see that this might change rapidly.

Are we still in control over the sky? When we fly a kite, do we control it, or are we
being controlled by the kite. Are we communicating or are we copying eachother
(example,Mirror neuron).

 I created two kites as a metaphor for the use drones. i wanted to feel how the strenght

of air and wind dominates us. When using the wind, are we controlling it or are we

‘swimming in the sky’. I performed several days with these kites on the coast of Ostend

during the month of August 2015 and made a video of this intervention.

The soundtrack was made with my selfmade water typing organ, a muscial
instrument that I made for my graduation project at the Royal Academy of Fine
Arts, Antwerp and was part of my video installation ‘Syn - Chronos - Space’ (2015),
a work that deals with the the freedom of noise sounds in space.

Edited Image 2015-8-3-20:33:6

3D view with 3D glass.

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