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Romance Flying (blue horse and deep sea fish)


Rokko Meets Art 2017 Exhibition, Kobe (JP)



Conceptually, I seek to interpret, translate, and transform organic sculptures into contemporary sculptures. Like most people, I don’t know how things will exactly look in the future. Instead I have an abstract idea, still hazy like a deep mist. To capture this lack of clarity, I incorporate transparent and reflective materials in my works, as well as, white noise. Not unlike Plato’s Ideal World which can only be seen through shadows, I use transparency and reflection as the way to realize shapes and objects.


In this installation, there are two kinetic sculptures made up of organic or inorganic materials and modeled after re-interpreted visions of horses and deep sea fish. An old cable car and cable station at the Kobe exhibition site provided the complementary environment for the kinetic sculptures, sharing many elements of movement, such as gears and other mechanical parts. Located at the entrance of the exhibition, the sculptures encouraged visitors to come inside and take a ride to another place.

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