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Chakky Kato is a visual artist based in Fukuoka, Japan.


Chakky began exploring the creative world around her through the world of fashion and painting during her teenage years. Her first apprenticeship was for an established tailor in London. While working in the world of bespoke clothing, Chakky began to study the human figure which would quickly pull her into the world of sculpture.


Wanting to learn more, Chakky enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium where she would go on to complete both undergraduate and master degrees in sculpture. After graduating, she became an active member in the Antwerp art scene while also traveling internationally for art competitions and festivals. With talent and good fortune, Chakky has collaborated with other talented artists and studios, both on a freelance and staffed capacity.


More recently, Chakky is an AR creator and is immersed in the developing creative augmented reality field. Her performances combine analog sounds with 3DCG & motion graphics as she continues to search for new interactive art and ways of communication.


By recently establishing a residency in Los Angeles, Chakky is constantly finding new inspiration and influences. Her loves could be categorized as surrealism, kinetic sculpture, instrumental music, abstract art, as well as, landscape and still life. 


Chakky is interested in new projects anywhere in the world for both remote work, as well as, on location - Please use the contact form to share new projects or concepts for development.




Primary software proficiency: Cinema 4D, Xparticle, Octane, Redshift, Blender, Zbrush (basic), touch designer(basic), Unity (for AR), Spark AR, Lens studio, Ableton, Photoshop, Creative Suite

My video production company in Japan here → i-mage Co., Ltd

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