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Sui Moon in De de Apotheek

“beats and floating hands, say hi to Sui Moon”



  Sui Moon is an ongoing collaborative project between multimedia artists, Chakky Kato, Maika Garnica & Senne Claes. To date, Sui Moon has had three releases: each consisting of a produced audio track, a carefully choreographed live instrumental and video performance, and a custom-designed representative art piece that doubles as a storage medium for the music. Each part is designed to embrace and amplify the others to create a total, synchronous body of work.

  For example, in "Traces to Nowhere," the audio was recorded on a 7" transparent flexi-single EP which was presented in a hand-sewn and silkscreen printed cover. As part of its design, the sound on the disc and the cover images will fade over time, not unlike the transient sounds which permeate the audio recording. Time will affect sound and image where both will eventually disappear.

  Always trying to compliment their music with unique spaces and themes, and vice-versa, Sui Moon’s exhibition for their second release, “beats and floating hands, say hi to Sui Moon”, was staged in the kitchen of an abandoned pharmacy. The exhibition performance involved modular analog synthesizer, various instruments, as well as, a live mixing of past performances including samples from their first release.

  For this second release, Sui Moon modified polished stones and created custom packaging to resemble gifts and souvenirs sold on the streets of Belgium. And this time, the audio track was not actually stored on the art piece, but instead a secret URL link was printed on paper embedded in the stone.


Poster : Senne Claes

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