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I’m interested in Habituation of daily life. In this time, I focus on something shame thing’s of daily life such as burp, fart, runny nose, yawn, sneeze etc……... Especially my first inspiration was fart sound of daily life because the fart or shame things are so different reaction with people by different situation as a public and private, but also I’m interested in runny-nose of physiological function. During to be with my friends I have a close affinity with my friends if I heard fart sound. Then I consider to social distance between personal and group in daily life.


Habituation is a form of learning in which an organism decreases or ceases to respond to a stimulus after repeated presentations.

For example, organisms may habituate to repeated sudden loud noises when they learn these have no consequences. Habituation usually refers to a reduction in innate behaviors, rather than behaviors developed during conditioning in which the process is termed "extinction".

RunnyNoise Dit-Dah: Direct and Indirect of Habituation World
1'38" color sound

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